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"ANITA" • die komplette Operette by Wolfgang Luthe, 1982



"ANITA" music sequences

A selection of 11 minutes/5 MB is available for download. The operetta is set to music from beginning to end. Freely using all kinds of styles, the music serves the lyrics, the scene statements and the evolving roles of the actors – from tango to waltz, via rock to punk and experimental. It was composed by Volker Schönbühler and Wolfgang Luthe and another 15 musician friends in homes, rehearsal rooms and studios between 1983 – 1987 in Berlin and Hagen.


The "ANITA" Production Pool


Stefan Brühl, Florence von Gerkhan, Meike Hansen, "Kaspar", Hans Ullrich Lambrecht, Wolfgang Luthe, Joachim Mennecken, Rolf Möller, Frank Pinkvoss, Kay Schlasse, Volker Schönbühler, Wolfgang Spelmans, Gerhard Sperling, Bernhard Stampfer, Ulla Volk, Pit Wortmann, Bruno Zimmer.



In an abandoned underground car park in the centre of Hagen, is the rehearsal room of the "Ice Guards", a local band. With a simple melody (code) the unsuspecting band penetrates a strange parallel world that is an absurd likeness of the Earth. In this world, in which anything seems possible, communication is carried out exclusively through music.


Yoko is the ruler of the parallel world. In the real world, the musicians know him as Mr. Pathapant, a reputable music producer. But in the parallel world, Yoko is a guy who exploits its peculiar rules ruthlessly. Unhindered and unnoticed by anyone, he can influence the real world from the parallel world. Yoko's motive is that he wants to be "king of the pop world" to win the people’s hearts.


In the parallel world, Yoko sits in the cockpit of a hand-sized, artificial dragonfly and already controls most of the real music market. Hidden from public view in his Dragonfly Studio he manipulates the connected worlds in many ways. Using his superior virtual technology, Yoko robs unsuspecting singers of their voices, samples the works of inspired musicians and sneaks into countless teenage hearts.


Hans, the "Ice Guards" singer and composer has heard of Pathapant the producer and has sent him a demo. Hans has a vision of an operetta, "The staging of Love." Band members Peter, Edo and Auge support him. But they are lacking a female singer. Anita, an already well-known performer, finally agrees to participate in a rehearsal.


In the band’s rehearsal room in the underground car park, Hans puts a cassette that a railway station beggar has given him into therecorder. Simple tones, a sparse rhythm. Hans and the musicians are excited, but they don’t know that this recording contains a code that will transport them to Yoko's parallel world.


Upon entering the parallel world, Hans intuitively grasps the situation and takes advantage of the unexpected opportunity for their own purposes. By sheer power of thought, he transforms Anita into a life-sized, crudely mechanized doll in a white wedding dress. But because he knows the characteristics of the parallel world no better than his band, the power to direct slips from his grasp and he loses control over his vision.

The band's music causes Yoko considerable difficulties - his Dragonfly nearly crashes. He orders his henchmen Pim and Pum to kidnap Anita, who has no will of her own. Hans, Anita and the band are involved in a fantastic kidnapping and love story that plays out at various locations around half the globe.


Anita and Hans declare their mutual love over the full moon, which turns into a high-resolution monitor. The inspired Hans brings the band again into play and pursues Anita’s kidnappers.


Yoko pretends to offer Hans succession to his throne as "king of the pop world." Since they are very similar, Hans, the daring, ruthless visionary artist and Yoko, who dreams of world power and is a sharp, calculating businessman, succeeds in the deception. Hans lets the vision be vision and takes Yoko’s offer, but fortunately for him, the solid operetta musicians prevent the betrayal.


Anita, who is following the events, becomes furious and shows what she can do. She grows on the betrayal of her lover and the mysterious rules of the parallel world allow her to become the director of the operetta.


An unequal battle between the stronger Yoko and battered Hans is supported by Anita’s fervent vocals. Thanks to Anita's skill, the battle ends undecided. The Dragonfly dies and Yoko's technical capabilities are running on reserve power. With a perfectly ordinaryracing bike, he makes it over the Bering Strait and through wild Siberia on the icy road to Moscow. Meanwhile, in a train, Anita prepares for the finale in Moscow.


In the Russian capital, in the basement of the Hotel "California" Yoko fails in an attempt to prevent this, and finally submits to Anita's directions. In the Church of Reconciliation in Moscow, all the players are brought together for the grand finale, after which the protagonists return to their rehearsal room in the underground parking garage of their town, transferred to their real world.


Herr Pathapant, the "ANITA" producer says to Hans, – it’s as if I was bewitched, I really wanted the power!

"ANITA" script