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"Schule des Vergessens"


10 Artists, 10 Pieces



Dirk Becker • Matthias Boeser • Oliver Boos • Stefan Bryl • Meike Hansen • Hans Uli Lambrecht • Wolfgang Luthe • Helge Rosenkranz • Gerhard Sperling • Ulla Volk • Piet Wortmann

I founded the label "KLACK KLACK Ultimativ Produkt" in the early 1980s with the artist Frank Pinkvoss. I met Frank while playing handball. We shared a studio and made "KLACK KLACK Ultimativ Produkt" exhibitions.


In 1986, 10 musicians and artists from Hagen joined "KLACK KLACK" with the aim of producing and publishing an album.






Gerhard • Ulla • Meike • Matthes • Helge • Wolfgang • Oliver

With a democratic selection, 10 music pieces were chosen which individuals had either already produced or were working on. And pieces that emerged in sessions that were so delightful that the majority of "KLACK KLACK" thought they just had to be on the disk.


The result: The LP "Schule des Vergessens". A music sampler of asomewhat different nature. There were 2 exciting years between us coming together and the release of the LP.


Initial problems were not lack of skills and products, but inadequate recording technology, no capital and no practice room of our own.


Everyone donated 30 DM to the Klack Klack funds each month. That was a lot dough for most of them. They were so young, so capable and so enthusiastic, but unemployed and poor little devils.


At the time I was just beginning to design the rooms of the "Werkhof" in Hagen-Hohenlimburg for the "KLACK KLACK" Honorary Member, the architect Peter Hoff.


We had to find suitable manpower to implement the designs. The "KLACK KLACK" artists solved the problem overnight. For 3 months, everyone had lots of work and was getting paid. Half the wages went to "KLACK KLACK". Recording technology, production costs of the LP, own practice room? No question.

"KLACK KLACK" had become solvent.


In 1988, we were able to put the LP "Schule des Vergessens" on the market.



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