1.Geil & Frohlich

"Geil + Fröhlich"

lllustrierte für das Wochende© No.: 1/81 • out of print

Edition: 5000, format: 23 x 32 cm, pages: 39, sound sheet: "Ich steh' auf Hagen",

publisher: Geisterbahn, edited by Wolfgang Luthe, printer: Georg Stach, layout: Jörg Hoppe.



Sample pages



The concept of the weekly illustrated "Geil + Fröhlich" was as simple as it was naive: The next issue would be assembled by another colleague and be given a new title. Cunningly, I had the Kleenex slogan "dick und durstig" (thick and thirsty) on the back of the magazine – coloured in a beautiful, bright green.


But oops – I couldn’t find anyone who like me who wanted to get rid of his ballast and set a new 'direction'. My FRG generation was hardly represented in this game, it remained with just the single issue.


But I got to know interesting artists through "Geil + Fröhlich". There were collaborative, common products. For example, the piece: "Ich steh' auf Hagen" with the band "the Wirtschaftswunder" with Tom Dokoupil and Marc Pfurtscheller, that was inserted in the magazine.

And there was the DADA Video "Die vierte Dimension" produced in1982 with Wolfgang Spelmans, the guitarist from the band "Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft".


In Georg Stach's printshop (SPEX Cologne) in Neheim Hüsten, production was stopped because the staff had got into a 'for or against' debate over "Geil + Fröhlich".


An art student from Melbourne, Australia wrote to me about the new directions (Bunker radio) and that they were working on similar developments.


Among the pictures of me photographed from TV screens, I got letters from people in Los Angeles, USA, and they too had the same thing in mind. I’ve no idea how they had came across "Geil + Fröhlich".