English Collages


I frequently travel to London, exploring streets and places, descending into the underground, visiting museums, drinking ale in pubs, speaking with people and roaming parks, just as I do in Berlin. London's unique signals, especially the British one, speak to me and force me into action.


The “English Collages” are the result of these visits.


I have discovered processes similar to learning a new language while creating the collages. Objects emerge alone or in groups, as a central object or moving to the background. Symbols and characters transform to outlines and vice versa. Others dissolve or scatter.

My exploration of the English language runs parallel in time to the creation of the collages, hence the English titles. I have named them “English Collages” because within them, both language and art are intrinsically tied to each other.


Stiff mailing bags (36.5 x 52 cm) are the solid base. The ribbed surface structure of the bag is ideal to be emphasized by pastel resulting in calm, lucent effects.


It is really great fun to position peculiar and often neglected objects in a picture – gluing, riveting, wiring, reducing, manipulating, adding an extra dab of paint … How marvellous!